Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

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Healthy Schools - Staying Healthy

At Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery we strongly believe that a child’s mental and physical health is vital to them becoming a successful learner. By enabling children to make positive changes to their behaviour regarding health and well-being we are helping them to reach their full potential in terms of achievement and fulfilment, as well as encouraging good habits which will benefit them both now and in the future.  We know that positive habitats regarding a healthy diet and exercise need to be developed at a young age to stand a good chance of continuing into teenage years and adulthood. As a school, we are proud to have achieved 'Healthy School Status' - Silver Award. 

Healthy Eating     

We promote healthy eating throughout the school within Science and PSHE lessons and during break and lunchtimes. Children are encouraged to have a healthy lunch by not allowing sweets and chocolate in school. Nursery and KS1 children are provided with a piece of fruit each day and are actively encouraged by staff to take up this offer. KS2 children are encouraged to bring healthy snacks for break time such as fruit. Drinking water is positively encouraged within school with children's water bottles and cups available in the classroom, playground and dinner hall.  School dinner options provide children with tasty healthy options and encourage children to try a range of healthy food.


Mental Health and Wellbeing

We have a school-wide approach to mental health. We teach about mental health in a similar way to physical health with our PSHE lessons. We strongly encourage children to talk about their feelings and techniques to do this are taught during PSHE lessons amongst other subjects and day-to-day teaching opportunities. Each classroom has a daily check in board where the children are able to state how they are feeling and then share their feelings with a staff member, if they wish to. We share discussions and teach techniques on how to look after your wellbeing such as breathing exercises, mindfulness activities and having a growth mind-set. The school currently provides yoga sessions for some year groups and groups of children. Our school ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) provide a nurturing environment for children to feel supported and allow them a space to take part in a range of activities, play and have a person to listen to their thoughts and feelings. The Havering Emotional Support Team (HEST) work alongside the school to support parents on a one to one basis whose children may be experiencing difficulties and challenges in their behaviour and emotional regulation. For more information on HEST and our schools ELSAs, please see the ‘Well-Being’ page of the schools website under key information.

We also strongly value our staff and our wider community’s mental health. We have supportive approachable senior leaders that promote mental health and wellbeing to all, as well as a committed staff willing to support all children and parents.

Physical Activity

Every child takes part in high quality P.E. lessons each week as well as additional activities such as swimming, the Daily Mile and 5-a-day fitness and dance routines. The Daily Mile provides a great opportunity for children to run, jog or walk around the school field, allowing the children to develop their stamina, gain the benefits of exercise, take a brain break from classroom learning and, if the children choose to, an opportunity to talk to friends.  The school is proud of its sporting opportunities, always wanting to be at the forefront of any discussion and decision making around new sports and activities through the Havering Sports Collective. The children have access to playground equipment to encourage them to be active, trying different activities, during play and lunch times.