Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Quality Education Meeting Individual Needs



 Leadership Team

 Head Teacher

 Deputy Head Teacher

 Assistant Headteacher

 SENCO/Inclusion   Manager


 Ms H R Harrow

 Mr M Taylor    

 Miss P Miller

 Mrs A Ashley







 Phase Group Leader Yr  3/4

 Phase Group Leader Yr 5/6



 Teaching Staff        


 Year Group  Class  Class Teacher and email address  

 EYFS: Early Years   Foundation Stage

 Nursery  &  Reception

  Mrs Haywood/Miss Groom           jhaywood@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk     mgroom@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk 

 Foundation Stage             Phase Group Leaders

 Foundation Stage  Nursery

  Mrs Ayimadu            hayimadu@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk  


 Foundation Stage -  Reception



  Mrs Barritt/Mrs Haywood                                   rbarritt@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk                  jhaywood@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk


 Foundation Stage -  Reception  RLH   Miss Hurford    lhurford@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk    
 Key Stage 1 (KS1)       
 Year 1  1MB   Miss Buckle  mbuckle@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk   
 Year 1  1GB

  Mr Blake gblake@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk 

 Year 2  2AP   Miss Phillips aphillips@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk   Phase Group Leader Yr 1/2
 Year 2  2MM   Mr Martin mmartin@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk   
 Key Stage 2 (KS2)  
 Year 3  3AG   Mrs Gee       agee@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk  

 Year 3


  Ms Cannon ccannon@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk  


 Year 4   4AS      Mr Sears     asears@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk 
 Year 4   4CL

  Mrs Lynn   clynn@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk

 Year 4   4TT

  Mrs Taylor ctaylor@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk           Mr Taylor   mtaylor@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk  

 Year 5  5MH   Mrs Hirani  mhirani@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk   
 Year 5  5KV   Mr Vanancio kvanancio@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk  
 Year 6  6PM   Miss Miller  pmiller@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk  
 Year 6  6DS   Mrs Smith    dsmith@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk  
  Other teaching staff    
                                                      Mr Loukes    rloukes@rainhamvillage.havering.sch.uk  
      Miss Groom  maternity leave  
      Mrs Golding  maternity leave  



Non-Teaching Staff 


Office Staff

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Reynolds - School Business Manager

Mrs R. Aktar

Mrs D Goodchild - Attendance Officer/Snr Admin Officer

Mrs M Agodo

Mrs N  Griffiths - Admin Officer

Ms C Barrow

Miss N Parker - Finance Assistant

Mrs K Clifford

Mrs T Collins 

Miss G Dickson

Site Maintenance

Miss A Gill

 Mr M Lee

Mrs S Goldsmith - ICT Support 

 Mr M Limehouse

Mrs L Herbert
 Mrs A Saunders    

Mrs D Kain - Nursery Nurse


Mrs J Mitchell


Mrs B O’Flynn 


Miss S O'Neill

Mrs L Rose

Mrs A Sullivan 

Mrs V Thompson

Midday Supervisor

Special Needs /Learning Support Assistant

Mrs K Clifford

Mrs Y Ahmed

Mrs J Cockrill

Mrs L Dawson

Mrs P Cooper

Mrs R Donahue 

Mrs L Dawson 

Ms D Villacis

Mrs R Donahue 

Mrs J Lowe

Mrs L Hughes 

Mrs C Maguire

Mrs J Lowe

Mrs S O'Neill   

Mrs S O'Neill

Mrs H Sales   

Mrs H Sales 

Mrs L Tully

Ms K Spooner

Mrs D Faulkner

Mrs A Sullivan

Mrs K Tatum

Mrs P Turner

Mrs E Tully 

Mrs C Wood

Ms M Christie

Ms S Harper

Ms L Cater

Mrs L Hughes


Mrs A. Habib

Home School Support Worker
Mrs K-A Wray

Mrs S Hughes


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)


Mrs K-A Wray