Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

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Enrichment Projects

Termly Enrichment Project

Each term, a Project is set for each year group which enables pupils to take a deeper dive into a particular curriculum area. This is set out like a Menu – Children choose a starter, main course, dessert and drink then complete the set tasks. Their completed tasks are handed in the week after the school holidays. It is always a lovely day when projects come into school, children are positively beaming with their efforts.
All children who participate fully receive 25 house points for their house with the winning entry from each class receiving a £5 Tesco voucher. All entries are shared and celebrated within class.

Over the summer holidays, please complete the Enrichment Project from the year group you have just finished and left. For example, if you finished the year in year 4 and will start year 5 in September then you need to complete the Year 4 Enrichment Project over the summer. When you return in September, pass your Enrichment Project to your new teacher.


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