Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

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YEAR 6 - Summer Term

Week beginning 27th June 2022

Click on the subjects below.  Complete all lessons and write your outcomes in your exercise book.   




Coordinates and Shapes

Complete lessons 1 - 5



Monday – Write a character description of the dragon slayer – what type of man is he? Use good quality vocabulary to describe him.

Tuesday – Summarise the story – what are the main points? List these in chronological order.

Wednesday – If horses could talk – Imagine the horse in the story could speak – what would he have been saying to the dragon slayer after he killed the adult dragon?

Write down the conversation as if it was a play – put in how the horse feels – how he speaks.

Thursday/Friday – How would the tale continue – if there was another 10 minutes in the video what would it show? Write the rest of the story – what do the next few years look like – what happens when the dragons find out he killed their mother?


Read the information about modal verbs and write 10 sentences of your own.

Spellings -

Read the information and explain how some word use silent letters. Using 10 examples, write a short paragraph to include all of them.

Guided Reading 

During this week, read the text about Driving Home The Cows and answer the vocabulary focused questions and the inference focused question.

.. Remember you have a password and username for Deepening Understanding and will need to use it. It's in the front of your Reading Record


What is a Virus?

Read the information about germs and write a paragraph in your books.



Geography R.E.

What did the Maya Wear?

Read the information and watch the video about the Mayans -

make notes in your book about what the Mayans wore.


What are Philosophical Questions?

What are philosophical questions?  Read the information and take notes in your exercise book. 



P.E. Art French


A Havoc Workout



Yinka Shonibare

Read the information about Yinka. and make some notes about their life and art work.




Colours Matching

Play the memory game for colours.