Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

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YEAR 5  

Wk beg 20th March 2023

Click on the subjects below.  Complete all lessons and write your outcomes in your exercise book.   





Complete lessons 6 - 10. Write the outcomes in your exercise book.

English:  Work through lessons 6 - 10 on The Fate of Fausto

   GPS:  Work through the lessons on the functions of a colon - develop your knowledge

Guided Reading

Complete all 5 lessons on Rushing Rivers by Kingfisher

Spellings - suffixes ate and en. Practise and apply the skills

What are the Major Bones in the Human Body?

Watch the video and answer the questions in your exercise book.


Geography R.E.

What was Life Like at a Victorian Industrial School?

Write a comparison between school in Victorian times and now

Now make an 8 point (N, NE, S, SE, E, W, NW, SW) compass using card and a split pin or use a compass that you have at home. Now point out the direction of the furniture of the plan of your hall (sitting) room drawn earlier into your exercise books. Draw the plan of another room at home and do the same activity.

What is The Holy Trinity

Watch the video clip and answer the quiz questions based on it into your exercise book

P.E. Art French

Balances and Jumps

Try this 

What is Weaving?

Look at the video clip and answer the quiz on –What is weaving? Try out the task.


Counting to 12 and Saying your Age

Watch the video below and answer the quiz.