Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Quality Education Meeting Individual Needs

Reception - Summer 2023

week beginning 15th May 2023

Communication and Language


Physical Development

Learn the rhyme:

Busy Farmer Ben - BBC Teach

Look at the transcript to find the words for the Nursery Rhyme


Addition and subtraction within 20

Unit - Oak National Academy (thenational.academy)

Complete lessons 1-5


If you're happy and you know it

You can use play dough or if you don’t have this to hand you can use a sponge or a rolled up pair of socks. 

How to make play dough


5-a-day Fitness



Understanding the world

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


‘The three little pigs’

Work through 1-5

The Three Little Pigs



Complete lessons 1-2

Rainforests - Oak National Academy (thenational.academy)


‘Feeling better-Sad’

PSHE EYFS / KS1: Feeling Better - Sad - BBC Teach

What makes you sad and what has someone done to cheer you up? 

What  could you do when one of your friends feels sad to cheer them up?




Expressive Arts

and Design




Complete lesson ‘The Rainforest part 2’

The Rainforest (Part 2) (thenational.academy)