Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Quality Education Meeting Individual Needs

YEAR 2 - Summer Term

Week beginning 15th May 2023

Click on the subjects below.  Complete all lessons and write your outcomes in your exercise book.   




Faces, shapes and patterns; Lines and turns

Lessons 1-5


English Persephone: Endings 1-5

           Reading - please read your individual books and                                 record   them in your reading record.

When and how was Space discovered?




Geography R.E.

The Great Fire of London

How do we know about the Great Fire of London?

Human and physical Geography

The North and South poles




Christian Story

The Jewish Story of Moses

Watch the video and think about what are the most important things you would take with you if you had to leave your home? What makes a good leader? Was Moses a good leader?


P.E. Art P.H.S.E.

Indoor Track and Field Challenges

Printmaking different materials



I know my rights!

Lesson 3 - We are all responsible