Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

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YEAR 5  week 3: 18th-22nd January 2021

Click on the subjects below.  Complete all lessons and write your outcomes in your exercise book.   




Multiplication & Division

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3   Day 4   Day 5

English - Monster Pizza lessons 1-5 

GPS - T2: Word level objectives

Spellings - 4 lessons, two each weekLessons 1 and 2 Suffixes

Guided Reading - ‘The Suitcase kid’ lessons 1- 5


 What are contact forces?


Geography R.E.

Victorian children working in textile mills

Watch the video and answer this question. In two paragraphs describe the life of a textile mill child worker compared to a coal mine worker that you watch previously and compare the dangers of the two types of jobs.


Read the information about volcanoes and watch the video clips. Answer these questions in your exercise books.

What is the cause for a volcano to erupt? 

What are the dangers and benefits from them?

Who was Jesus?

P.E. Art French

Legs + Arms Kids Exercise At Home

Watch the indoor exercises and follow the steps carefully. 

Clarice Cliff - Art Deco - English ceramic artist

Look at the video on Clarice Cliff’s ceramic Art. Draw and colour one    of the famous ceramic pieces onto A4 size and colour it in.


Talking About School

Watch the video, follow the correct vocabulary and pronunciation of  the words and finally take the quiz.