Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

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YEAR 4 - Summer Term

6th - 10th June 2022

Click on the subjects below.  Complete all lessons and write your outcomes in your exercise book.   





Complete lessons 11-15


EnglishWork through activities 1-3, completing the written outcomes in your exercise books.

GPS - Watch the video and complete the activities 1 and 2 in your exercise book.

Spellings - To investigate suffixes -ify-ise

    Guided Reading - Different types of stories . Complete activities 1 and 2.

States of matter

Explore solids, liquids and gases; freezing and melting; evaporation and condensation.

Watch the video and answer the questions in your exercise book.


Geography R.E.


Explore every day life in Viking society and learn about the Viking invasions of the British Isles/Watch the video and complete the quiz in your exercise book.





Watch the video clip to learn about Christianity. Write a fact file of what you have learnt about the religion.


P.E. Art French

Complete the outside morning workout with Joe Wicks.



The Bayeux Tapestry

Week 1 — Watch the video and then draw your own Bayeux inspired tapestry, on paper.


Using 'avoir' and 'être'

Read through the page, listening to the pronunciation tabs as you go. Then, complete the quiz at the bottom of the page in your exercise book.