Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Rainham Village Primary School and Nursery

Quality Education Meeting Individual Needs

Reception  week beginning 30.11.20


    Communication and Language


Physical Development

Learn the Nursery Rhyme of the week:

‘Doctor Foster went to Gloucester’


Look at the transcript to find the words for the Nursery Rhyme


‘It’s Me 1,2,3 Week 2

Complete lessons 1-5

White Rose Maths

‘Joe Wicks 5 Minute Workout’



Understanding the world

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


‘Little Red Hen’

Work through the videos lessons 6-10


‘My ‘Feelings’

Complete lessons 1-3 


‘Squeaky Clean’

Complete lessons 4-6




Expressive Arts

and Design


Review the Phase 2 phonemes i n m d

Can you make any words with these sounds?

‘Journeys and adventures’

Complete lesson 4 – Getting on a train Part 2